Saturday, 28 April 2012

Micromax A50 superphone : price in India and features

Micromax Superphone A50
Micromax Superphone A50

Micromax India just announced Superphone A50 android smartphone.

It has 3.1cm Capacitive touchscreen, 650MHz processor, 2MP Camera, 3G, WiFi and GPS.
The micromax superphone A50 sports android 2.3.6 Gingerbread with official Google Play store.
The most notifying feature about this phone is AISHA - Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistance.
What that means is you can control your phone by your voice. Control includes sending message, making calls, browsing the internet and also getting information on weather. 

AISHA is powered by Dexerta, a company that bought iris to life. This might also suggest that it might require an internet connection or an active WiFi connection for AISHA to perform. Not sure how much that is going to work in India. 

It will retail for about 4999 RS which is very good if you look at the specs of the phone plus it has G-Sensor. Micromax is calling it Superphone Ninja.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Game review: Temple Run for Android

Temple Run- Game Review
Temple Rum - Game Review
Temple run was previously only present on iOS platform.  It made its way to android recently and there are several good things about the game that makes you play. How is the experience? Check out the review below.

Gameplay -

This game is very simple to control. To play the game all you need to do it jump over obstacles, turn right and left and collect coins. Simple controls enriched with goodies makes this game very feature rich.

Temple Run Graphics
Game Graphics
The game starts and you are treated with a way with water on left and right sides. Obstacles are tree trunks and you need to jump over them, turn as the road turns. There are also coins in the way and you need to collect them.

You need to collect 100 coins to fill the tank. Scoring continues until you keep running.

Graphics -

This game has delightful graphics. You are treated with very jungle like environment with the creatures of the wild following you and you need to run from them. The graphics on this one are better then the one on iOS version. The sound coordinates the rush and you can feel the game. It is an interesting game.

Features -
  • Objectives - You can complete objectives as you proceed and that keeps you interested in game. Starts from simple goes tough as your level of gameplay increases.
  • Stats - Provides latest statistics of your game.
  • Store - There is a store from where you can buy goodies to use during your play. Goodies include Powerups, utilities and characters which you can unlock by collecting coins.
  • You can tweet your score.
Game Store
Game Store
Game Objectives
Game Objectives

Extra Tricks -
You can  play this game on TV if you have an HDMI based phone because the controls of this game are based on swiping.
Download this game from here.

Try This : Search google for 'zerg rush'

Try this now. You can go to and search for' zerg rush'. It is a strategy well displayed by Google. A live strategy.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chrome beta for android updated . Now available for all

Good news for people who like to surf internet faster.
Chrome beta is now available for devices running android 4.0. Chrome is a web browser that was previously available in form of desktop browser it recently launched for Android mobile platform but was exclusive. Now it is available to all.

Chrome beta now lets you save bookmark to homescreen, User agent switching (Switching between mobile and desktop website) and more.

You get get Chrome beta from here

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