Friday, 24 August 2012

Micromax A100 vs Xperia Neo v Camera samples comparision.

I am doing some comparison below of two 5Mp cameras, one from Micromax A100 and other from xperia neo v.
The shots of the cat are from micromax and the flower are from neo v. The reason am comparing photos captured from these two devices is that they are quiet similar on specs, 1GHZ processor, almost 512 MB ram, android 4.0 and a 5MP camera. I think Sony is a really good camera maker but at least we can see how much micromax fares in front of that. 

Micromax A100 superphone canvas
A100 cat photo
Photo sample from xperia neo v
Xperia neo v photo sample

Macro shot
Micromax A100 macro shot

Xperia neo v macro shot
Xperia neo v macro shot
Also significant is the amount of detail these two images store. A 5Mp shot from micromax is 1.01 mb while a 5Mp shot form xperia neo v is 1.46 mb. It store more detail and captures more light. Micromax however is not bad as you can see from the first shot it is good enough.

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  1. plz tell more about the camera qualiti..

  2. i am plan to buy this mobile. so any body can help me.. to buy or not..

    1. The camera quality is ok. But is daylight is good the photo will come out good. This phone is a good buy.

  3. Hi, Thanks for samples.
    It would be better if you captured same photograph by two cams and than upload both. This way we can better know the diff in quality.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hello, your welcome. Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to constantly improve.

  4. Hi,
    This is really a nice post.
    can you please upload some photo samples from A100 in very low light condition and with flash on.
    I just bought A100 and I get almost complete dark photo in such conditions, like one clicked without flash!
    Also, I fill video recording is really poor in low light. Can you please upload some samples.

    Thanks in advance!!