Thursday, 6 September 2012

Amazon Launches the new kindle fire HD with OMAP 4470

Amazon announces two Kindle Fire HDs

Kindle fire HD is the latest tablet in Amazon fire lineup and it is amazing.
It has an 8.9 in screen with 1920x1200 HD resolution. The processor is OMAP 4470
It also has dual Wifi antennas and supports 5GHZ shandard. It has a feature called MEMO which echos signal when it hears it.
It supports upto 31 Mbps over Wifi
Storage options start from 16GB

The processor on this beast in Dual core OMAP 4470. Amazon did not reveal the clock speed, though it can be upto 1.8GHz.
It also had an HD front facing camera for skype video calling.
Whispersync for games is a new service and it syncs levels of games so you never have to start it over again.
It also has kindle freetime which lets you make profiles for kids and limit their uses by time for games, reading and movies. A kids mode was so necessary in today's time.
It features the PowerVR Sgx4 graphic processor.
The chipset increases 150% of performance over previous Cortex A9 processor.
There is also an HDMI out and bluetooth on board.

There is also a 7 inch model for price of $199
The kindle fire HD 8.9 is priced at $299 and ships november 20
Both have 16 Gb Storage on board

The 7 inch model also has an HD display.
Both have dual stereo speakers and front facing HD camera

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