Friday, 12 October 2012

Micromax Launches Dual core A110 Superfone Canvas

A110 dual core superfone canvas
Well here it is, Micromax has just announced the successor to its budget phablet, the A100 superfone canvas.

  • 1GHz dual core processor
  • 5 inch IPS LCD screen (854*480)
  • Capacitive buttons
  • 8MP Camera with dual LED flash
  • Android 4 ICS (Ice cream sandwitch)
  • 512 MB Ram
  • LED notification light on top left
  • White and black color 
Price in India Rs -11990 /-

Black color
A110 Superfone
What is different from the previous Micromax A100 Superfone canvas?
The processor on A100 was single core 1GHz while on A110 superfone is 1GHz Dual core. A dual core CPU has its own advantage. First the performance is increased in launching apps and multitasking. Second for a dual core processor the battery saving is more. The A110 surely has got a upper hand not over any other handset in the market at this price range.

The micromax A110 has an 8MP camera with dual LED flash while the A100 had a 5MP camera with single LED flash. This is a major overhaul and will really improve the image quality under low light. This is suppose to include 720 HD video recording while A100 had 480P recording. The picture detail will be more because of the improved sensor. It will feature faster picture taking capabilities due to that 1GHz dual core processor. 

The screen on the micromax a110 is biggest highlight after its processor . It features 5 inch IPS ICD screen. An IPS screen has very good viewing angles and good colors and this should not disappoint. Also the A100 has a normal screen but the colors were very rich and the quality of the screen was nice with good viewing outside. The A110 superfone screen might take this experience towards a level up.

This is a big difference in these two phablets. The A100 features on screen buttons while the A110 features capacitive touch buttons below the screen. I usually preferred on screen buttons but depends on what you like and not. The sure advantage on the A110 will be more screen size which previously was taken by on screen buttons on the A100.
Notification LED
This is a welcome feature. There is a notification LED on the top left side of the front of Micromax A110 superfone. It is good when your phone is silent and any notification comes in. 

The Micromax A110 superfone canvas 2 will be bigger in size because of extra space taken by capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen. This difference will not be much noticeable as the phone will just increase in height. It might be about 10 mm more.

Color Options
This is a worthy upgrade to the old micromax A100 as the new micromax A110 has 2 color options, black and white. It is a good news for the folks who prefer white color. Although i would wait to see what the back will be made of because on the orignal A100 was matte black on the black colored phone.

The micromax A110 superfone canvas2 surely takes the budget friendly phablet A100 to a different level. it has some noticeable differences from A100 and are a plus. The only thing i think it is lagging is Jelly Bean Android 4.1. It should have been launched with Jelly bean but ICS does not hurt at this price.

Is the price Justified ?
The micromax A110 is to be priced at Rs 11990 in India. If this is right then it more than worth for the upgrade it is providing. The camera, screen and CPU now make this phone stand strong which otherwise the A100 superfone canvas lagged. This phone is suppose to launch somewhere around october 25.

What is not known?
The GPU is not known but with the bump in specs this should also go up. 
Battery capacity is not yet revealed but it is likely to be the same. Which company processor is present in Micromax A110 is unknown. Will the video calling over 3G be available or not? 
Be tuned to for more such news.

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